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Anthony Mongiello is one of the top Los Angeles headshot photographers. With over a decade of experience, and recommendations from many of the top agents (Coast to Coast Talent Agency, House of Representatives), managers and casting directors, Anthony knows what it takes to get you the perfect actor headshot. Anthony understands not only how to capture an excellent headshot from a technical standpoint in terms of lighting and focus, but also how to work with the actor in order to get the perfect expression necessary to get out for auditions and book projects in commercials, film and television.

Anthony Mongiello shoots out of his 1,650 sqft photography studio located in downtown Los Angeles. He uses only the newest, high-end camera equipment from Canon to capture the most brilliant headshots. Additionally, a industry professional hair and makeup artist is available on request as well. A large number of actors that have taken headshots with Anthony Mongiello are currently working in the film and television industry. Visit Anthony’s headshot portfolio to see for yourself why he is one of the most highly rated Los Angeles headshot photographers for actors on virtually every review site such as Google, Yelp, CustomerLobby, and many more.

In Anthony Mongiello’s own words:

“Most the time people are pretty good at taking a basic shot, but really something that is going to get you out has to be extraordinary – the lighting, the wardrobe, the hair, the expression, you! All that has to come together if you’re going to get a fantastic shot, and really, the right headshot shows that you can act. I’m pretty good at getting that for people.

My favorite thing about taking headshots is finding the person, what their strengths are and bringing that out. Once you do that and show that to someone and they look at these pictures, they’re like, “That’s me! Holy crap, where have I been all these years!” What I really try to do is make it is a fun, relaxed environment. I let people know that if they mess up, it’s digital, not film, so we got thousands of photos we can take. We can take 10,000 photographs before I run out of digital space. Those are the kind of things to put people at ease because the more relaxed they are, the more their personality can come out.

I’ve taken over a thousand actor headshots in LA. I do this day and day out. I really know exactly what managers, agents and casting directors all want. Additionally, I understand your needs, the needs of a client. There really is no way I am not going to be able to get the shots that will make everybody happy.”

For more information about what makes Anthony Mongiello the Los Angeles headshot photographer, feel free to contact Anthony.

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