"They’re crazy about the new shots. Thank you so so much. You’re awesome." - David

"The photos turned out fantastic. Thanks for a great shoot, I have high hopes for these getting me lots of auditions, I will send people to you! Take care! All the best" - Richard H.

"I just wanted to tell you that since I got those new heads my auditions have tripled, no joke. It’s crazy. I have gotten nothing but really great feedback on them too. Here is the real kicker, this week I booked a commercial solely on my headshot alone as the CD did not have time to bring people in for auditions and went off of people’s submissions. Awesome!!! It was the baby blue shirt one which is the main one I use now for everything but it booked me the part. It’s for Pelican Cases and I’m shooting the commercial this weekend in Ventura. Thanks again and I thought you would want to know this story. Take care." - Gabriel A.

"The photos from yesterday are freakin awesome! You totally captured my personality & energy in a super high quality/professional way. I can’t wait to hear what my Agents & Manager have to say D Daniel Hoff is swamped so I gotta wait till Thursday to go over the photos with him but I expect to have our “final selects” for re-touching in 2 weeks (due to how busy Danny is). After him & I meet this Thursday I’ll have to go back a week later to go over his final selects and watch him crop the photos (as you know, he’s extremely hands on). So we’ll be in touch! All the best" - D.

"Hi Anthony! I just wanted to share the great summer season the kids are having after the reps have been using the new pics. And they’ve commented more than once that the pics are really helping get them in the doors. Cole has read for 2 network series regulars, booked a lead in an independent film shooting this weekend in Arizona. Has a call back in September for core supporting role in an Eastwood. Oh yeah, he’s been in for a costar on Modern Family & Switched At Birth as well. And a handful of little projects that just help get him comfy in the room. Paige has not been out as much but has booked and filmed a short that is a finalist in the Canon Cinema competition. And she went to producers for a series regular on Switched At Birth. It’s been super busy. And busy is great. Hope all is great in your world." - Dawn M.

"Hi Anthony, I just wanted to thank you. I checked out my pictures when I got home this evening and I am very happy with them. Thank you for doing such a great job. It was a pleasure working with you. I will be recommending you to friends in the business." – Niki N.

"Dude! The pictures are frigging awesome!!! THANKS A MILLION, DUDE! Love them!!!!" - Tom K

"This is Vera. We shot my headshots a week ago. You know, the odd Russian chick. I just finished looking through your shots. They are fantastic. And the lighting matches each set-up. Unbelievable. You’re unbelievable. Loved the ballet shots for the simplicity and that line in the background that’s parallel to my collar bone. Loved the blueness of the junkie shots. Loved the bright and fuzzy colors on the pin-up shots, their caramel color. How did you do this? Thank you so very, very much for your time, your patience, your company, your talent, your eyes. I’m honored to have worked with you. Good luck in your endeavors." – Vera

"Anthony, I was shocked as to how much better they looked, than I felt. I KNOW I’m difficult to *capture* (not a model) looking good–especially at my age–yet I also KNOW I AM AN ACTRESS. My dear, YOU did an amazing job! Thank you so much for your patience. –It wasn’t an especially “fine feeling” day for me, and you were able to rise above it and lift me, as well! Accolades to you, Anthony! I’m most certain I want to work with you again. Warmest regards." - Rhonda

"Hey Anthony, thanx again for the great shots.. like I said my agent loooved them.. Again she has your info.. Thanx Anthony" - Terry

"I just wanted to say Thank You for your good work. I had fun. Hope to talk to you soon in the near future." – Roy P.

"Hey, Amazing work. Amazing. Thank you so much. We had the same favorite for the bathing suit ones. Also, Im getting really positive feedback on the white shirt series esp. My mom and my best friend said they are the favorite pics they’ve ever seen of me. Pretty good, huh?" – Elspeth K.

"Thanks for your work yesterday, I had a look at the photos and there are so many good ones it’s hard to choose. Good luck with your future directing endeavors." – Scott

"By the way, I love the photos!!! I’ve been picking them out… so many! Thanks again!" – Jill M.

"I LOVE the pictures…yay!!! They look real awesome.. much better than what I expected. SO HAPPPPPPYYYY thank you !" – Lakshmi M.

"Oh, and my agent loved the pictures! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them already. Thanks again!" – Khalilah Joi D.

"Hi Anthony, Thank you again for a great shoot, I am very happy with my pictures" – Sylvianne C.