Useful Links

ACTORS – The only true commercial casting site online. Get your pictures on here if you want to be in commercials. – Number one site for theatrical casting online. Get your pictures on here if you want to be in TV and Film.  – Useful self submissions site. – Place to go to get all the good acting books and plays – Another great acting school. – Great Improv School. – The best cold reading class. – Yet another highly recommended acting school. – Casting director workshops, acting resources, classes etc. – Where I go for my printing. Great place to get your headshots made. – Another recommended printing site especially for canvas printing. – One of the biggest and very highest quality print shops in town. – The other really popular super high quality print shop. – Great place to get lithos.

MODELS – If you want to be an expert on the modeling business, then read this entire site. – Check out the competition and find the contact info for the all the top agencies in your area. – List of forum discussions on becoming a model, a fashion photographer, and everything about modeling and the business. – Place to post your pictures and brainstorm with other stylists, photographers, and make up artists and hair stylists.


Good Therapy

Slateshot – New way of getting a more personalized greeting than just a traditional headshot.